How It All Started

Good old fashioned service with a smile and products built to last seemed to have gone by the wayside. At least that’s how Owner Travis Cox and his wife, Christina, felt when building their own home years ago. With every meeting, paper signing and visit to a supplier, Travis and Christina were more and more discouraged with the service and products they were met with. Even worse, there were unanticipated surprises along the way – extra costs for expenses from subs and suppliers, the constant cutting of corners and a general lack of passion for the product. Where, oh, where had all the old fashioned service gone?


Travis, Christina, Payton and Tyler

Now, I know what you’re thinking – how old is this couple!? Ok, so they weren’t around “back in the day”, but their parents and grandparents were, and they instilled a strong work ethic, pride in the product and a genuine care for others in the pair. You leave things better than you found them. You treat others how you want to be treated. You do what you say you’re going to do. Period. It’s not negotiable. It’s the right thing to do.

Travis, a professional in the construction industry, decided enough was enough and started his own company to offer the kind of service and quality he expected (but wasn’t always met with!) when he was building his home. Tyton Construction – named after his two children, Tyler and Payton – was born with the promise that the company would only build “Homes so well-crafted, we’d live in them ourselves!” and would strive to offer the most elite-quality projects available on the market through superior product selection and meticulous attention to detail while maintaining the highest standard of service in the construction industry.

The Tyton Difference

Travis’ dedication to customer service and high-quality products extends into every aspect of the company. As a result, Tyton only offers custom, design-build homes – not spec or tract homes – with the intention of providing a superior product to clients through a personal, service-oriented approach. Spec builds, i.e. homes built on speculation or anticipation of finding a buyer, are generally constructed to appeal to the broader range of homebuyers. Tract homes, in short, are homes built in volume with a selected number of styles or floor plans. They are usually found in batches within a subdivision or development. Since neither spec homes or tract homes are designed or built for specific buyers, Tyton doesn’t build them. Building under those models removes the personal service custom home building offers. With that understanding, Tyton does offer other building services, such as concrete work, accessory builds, remodels and small commercial projects since each of these offer the same opportunity for personal service

A cut-no-corners organization, you’ll only find top-choice products and meticulous attention to installation of those products on Tyton projects. You’ll find Travis on every one of Tyton’s job sites, usually doing the installation and construction himself. He refuses to allow poor workmanship permeate the process and ensures maximum quality through careful supervision of subcontractors and a regular presence on-site. If Travis wouldn’t have a product or craftsmanship in his own home, he won’t allow it in your final product.

Tyton is a small, indpendently-owned business and Travis believes in keeping his word. Often times, when working with contractors, homeowners will recount story after story of the surprise charges they were hit with along the way and the countless projects that went over budget as a result. Tyton refuses to operate this way. Your quote for services will clearly articulate what your bid includes – and doesn’t – and you won’t pay more! If a product costs more than bid, Tyton pays for it; you don’t. Your bid will only vary if you change your mind along the way or additional products or services are required, such as in the case of mold or water damage revealed during the course of a remodel, for example. If you have questions about your bid or project, specifically, contact Tyton at tcox@tytonconstruction.com or 541.525.9324 to speak directly to Travis and have your questions personally answered.


The Man Behind the Mission

Travis’ passion for building, construction and, specifically, his love for fine craftsmanship stems from his childhood. Both his father and grandfather were involved in construction-related industries and shared their passions with him early on.


Travis, Age 4

More to come…!