About the Owner

The Man Behind the Mission


Travis, Age 4

Travis’ passion for building, construction and, specifically, his love for fine craftsmanship stems from his childhood. Travis always knew he would find success in the construction field. From the age of eight, he would accompany his father–an engineer who worked extensively with municipalities throughout the state–to worksites, helping him with tasks such as surveying topography, inspecting work in progress and reading blueprints. He learned about work ethic, leading others and how to work in teams by observing him. By the time Travis reached high school, he had developed a wealth of knowledge in the field and began his own career in construction as an apprentice at a custom home building company.

Now, 20 years later, Travis has developed his own expertise in the field. He understands the building process in a variety of settings from residential to commercial and industrial construction–each with their own set of governing laws, codes, policies and practices. He demonstrates a keen knowledge and ability to apply regulations in his work including OSHA regulations, building and fire safety codes, permitting processes, federal regulations (including ADA requirements) and local governing policies. He’s managed a wide range of projects from large-scale public jobs like schools, hospitals and jails to individual homes and remodels. With Travis, you’re in capable, knowledgeable hands!